Good Morning September 14 | 16 new pictures for your favorite people

We’ll start today’s day of pictures for September 14th with a selection of cute fluffies with coffee. It seems to me that they will appeal not only to gentle and sophisticated girls, but even to brutal macho men. I liked them 😉. Next, I posted pictures with a sunrise on the ocean, palm trees and a great mood. And finally, an assortment of pictures: “Good morning, September!”

Cute fluffies with coffee: 4 pictures

I didn’t write “Good morning” or anything else on these pictures, because it seems to me that sometimes you can write or say something personal yourself, and not take common phrases and poems from the Internet. After these pictures, I will give examples of what you can write if you don’t have time or don’t want to compose.

If you don’t have time or don’t feel like writing, use these phrases:

– Have a nice day!
– Have a good day!
– May you have a wonderful day!
– May all your affairs be successful!
– Enjoy every moment of this day!
— Happiness and joy to you on this day!
– May the morning bring you many smiles!
– I wish you energy and strength for the whole day!
– May every moment of this day be filled with joy!
– May you meet only kind and wonderful people today!

Ocean, palm trees, dawn

Today, looking out the window, I realized that another summer is leaving and I wanted to extend it somewhere on the ocean. So I generated postcards with a view of the ocean and a beautiful sunrise. I think these pictures are perfect for good morning wishes.

Morning in the window, coffee, apples: 4 pictures

Good morning, September! – 4 pictures

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