Good Morning September 15 | 16 new pictures: cute animals, autumn landscapes, yellow flowers, funny fluffies

Today’s selection of “Good Morning” pictures for September 15 will begin with cute animals in the forest that congratulate you on good morning, we will continue with autumn landscapes with a touch of sadness and bright colors, then we will travel with you through a dewy autumn field with yellow flowers in the rays of the rising sun. Well, I can’t, I just don’t have the right to do without my cute fluffies with a cup of coffee and flowers.

In each new article I answer your question – why are there no inscriptions on the pictures: “I wish you a happy day, good mood, good work, a fun holiday,” etc. I just think that sometimes you can show your imagination and write to your family and friends some words from yourself, and do not send pictures with template captions. There is nothing personal, dear or close in this.

But if you don’t have any time to fantasize or nothing comes to mind, at the end of the article I will give examples of what you can write to your family and friends. You just need to scroll to the end of the article.

Cute animals

Uniting with nature is always fun, so I present to you a selection of funny forest animals that can greet you and your loved ones and wish them good morning.

Autumn landscapes

It is impossible not to notice that autumn landscapes evoke in us some notes of sadness. Because a rainy autumn will be followed by a long, cold and gray winter. But one cannot help but pay attention to how beautiful nature is in the fall – what bright tropical colors it gives us.

Sunny and positive pictures

Still, I wanted to make the autumn days of September sunny and positive. I looked out the window – there was no rain, at least here in New Jersey, the sun was shining, I was in a very optimistic mood. I wish that it would be passed on to you along with these yellow flowers in the autumn field, illuminated by the rising sun.

Funny fluffies

I made four pictures square, because not everyone is happy with rectangular ones.

And here are four more pictures of fluffy animals and not only, but already under the smartphone screen.

Good morning wishes

1. Good morning, my dearest half! May today be filled with joy and love, like every moment we share with you.

2. Darling, may your morning coffee give you energy for the whole day, and may my kiss illuminate your eyes. I wish you a wonderful day!

3. Good morning, dear! Let this day become a new step towards your dreams and desires. You are an incredibly strong person and I am proud to stand by your side.

4. Morning is the time when the heart is filled with happiness and hope. My beloved, I wish you that every morning is filled with these wonderful feelings.

5. The very first thing I do in the morning is think about you. You are my inspiration and meaning of life. I wish you to be happy every day!

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